At Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering we are leaders in driveline component, driveline system, and advanced technology testing such as — hybrid and electric motors. Our test center is equipped with AC dynamometers that incorporate the latest inverter and control technology. This facilitates precise control and allows us to conduct the simplest to most complex dynamic and steady-state tests. Our test engineers are proficient in delivering standard or customized test solutions and are highly responsive to the fast-paced, design-change needs of our clients.

Capabilities at a glance:

Power range: 20 HP to 1,100 HP
Speed range: 0 to 17,000 RPM
Torque ranges: 0 to 15,000 lb.ft.
Up to 25,000 lb.ft. TOT (for axles)
Full Torque at zero RPM
DC voltage range: 20 to 700 VDC
DC current: 800 Amps Continuous
1,600 Peak Amps
Environmental Chamber  
temperature range:

-40 C to 180 C


Additional capabilities:

High response torque meters High speed logging Postmortem logging
Multiple communication protocols Custom control modes Power Analyzers


At Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering, we can apply an extensive series of test applications to a range of components—from small auxiliary parts to full driveline systems. Our high-quality testing standards are instrumental in assisting customers who are striving to prove or improve upon their designs in order to achieve top performance. 

Test types include:

Road load, pulsation, and inertia simulations Torque converter Durability Axle
Open and locked differential Model verification Differential Key life
Transient response Fluid couplings Limited slip Seizure
Efficiency Gearbox Thermal