At Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering, we design and build turnkey dynamometer-based test systems enabling our customers to perform a full range of testing scenarios in-house—from the simplest to the most demanding. We apply engineering fundamentals and proven design knowledge and experience, along with the latest technological advancements, to create systems that meet the most stringent testing specifications.

Designed for durability, long life, high performance, and safety, customers are using our systems to test a broad spectrum of mechanical products, including:

Engines Transmissions Axles
Chassis Clutches Torque converters
Transfer cases Electric motors Hybrid drive trains

Our systems are designed with the latest state-of-the-art components, all of which are made or maintained in the U.S.

Our systems operate on our innovative platform, the Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS). This data acquisition and control system gives our customers the power and flexibility to perform a multitude of testing functions.

Determinism is a core element in REPS for both data acquisition and control. A robust, quad-core PXI controller and the LabVIEW real-time operating system combine to provide a deterministic backdrop for the REPS software environment. All I/O communication is accomplished via a dedicated EtherCAT-based network.

REPS is loaded with features, including the following which are key to its success:

Real-time data acquisition and control (up to 1,000 Hz or higher) Flexible software environment
User-defined control modes Fully automated operation
Dual-monitor display Remote desktop/laptop test profile generation
Remote VNC access UPS backup with controlled shutdown
Manual or automatic control Master and individual set-up screens
Reporting options, including TDMS, plain text and Excel Multiple communication drivers