Onsite Services

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering’s Technology Center in Livonia, Michigan

At Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering, we have a long-standing and proven reputation for timely maintenance, quality service, and unparalleled diagnostic troubleshooting within the testing industry. Our engineers and technicians have broad cross-over aptitude and experience with dynamometer systems and control packages—both our systems and competitor systems. This enables them to proficiently manage a multitude of customer needs.

We help customers achieve optimal system performance by delivering dependable preventive maintenance, efficient troubleshooting, and high-quality service. Our scheduled maintenance and around-the-clock support, rapid response, and targeted corrective repair actions can help minimize and avert costly downtime.

Maintenance programs

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering offers the following preventative onsite system maintenance programs:

Electrical inspections (dynamometers, enclosures, auxiliary components) Mechanical inspections ( bearings, couplings, blowers, pumps, trunnions)
Calibration (torque, speed, pressure, temperature) Vibration trending
Infrared analysis Report generation
Oil analysis Filter changes

Troubleshooting and repair services

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering provides experienced, onsite diagnostic troubleshooting and repair services, including:

Emergency service Bearing replacement
Motor change outs Rigging
Rental dynamometers Control-system troubleshooting and repair
Auxiliary-system troubleshooting and repair DC brush replacement
Drive system repair Board repair and replacement