Drive Quality Testing and Fuel Economy Estimation for a 2WD Vehicle on a Chassis Dynamometer


EPS is a software suite developed by Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering for test cell data acquisition and control. REPS has been designed to be flexible and customizable for a multitude of test cell applications. RE has successfully implemented REPS for axle testing, engine dynamometers, emissions testing, valve-train dynamics testing and chassis dynamometers. The application discussed in this document involved using REPS in a 2WD chassis dynamometer to perform drive quality testing and miles per gallon estimation of a FWD or RWD vehicle.

The Challenge

The challenge was to provide a robust and cost-effective data acquisition and control system for a 2WD chassis dynamometer to test a FWD or RWD vehicle. The system had to be setup with multiple control modes such as velocity control force control and Road Load Simulation (RLS) mode. The robotic driver was setup to interface with the dynamometer system to drive through different EPA mandated drive cycles and several consumer product testing agency cycles. The system had to keep track of the fuel consumed during these drive cycles and estimate the miles per gallon for city and highway.

The Solution

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering used the REPS software package for data acquisition and control of the 2WD chassis dynamometer, which allowed for quick controls development and seamless deployment. The individual control modes were setup and the robotic driver was connected to REPS without any custom programming. The rapid controls development and deterministic processing features of REPS proved invaluable, resulting in an objective, repeatable and error-proof dynamometer system.

Download the attached project summary .pdf for additional project details.