At Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering, we provide driveline test services and expertise to customers in the automotive, transport and petrochemical industries.  Our industry-benchmarked testing, engineering, and onsite services help our customers gain a competitive edge and secure their positions as industry leaders.

Engineering is the cornerstone of our services.  Our engineers apply their broad cross-over technical aptitudes and invaluable experience in electrical, mechanical, and multi-disciplinary engineering to generate innovative and practical solutions.  We are recognized and well respected for our expert role in testing driveline components, driveline systems, and advanced motor and component technology. Our state-of-the-art test center is equipped with AC dynamometers and the latest inverter and battery simulator technology.

A description of our services wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our exceptional onsite dynamometer test equipment service, maintenance, and diagnostics.  Our service technicians have experience with essentially all dynamometer systems and control packages—ours and our competitors’. Our technicians are skilled and responsive troubleshooters able to deliver answers and results.