Valvetrain Measurement System

This system is designed to measure engine valve displacement, acceleration, and velocity via a reference laser and measurement laser. With the cylinder head riser design the measurement and reference lasers can be easily installed on the test stand and pointed directly at the engine valves for accurate measurements. This system is also designed to measure the cam shaft twist via high pulse per revolution encoders installed on a rigid shaft and coupling system. The tri-axis adjustable base allows for a multitude of different cylinder heads to be installed on the test stand with various horizontal offsets and centerlines. The adjustable base also makes coupling alignment easy by turning the adjustment wheels. An oil circulation system provides the cylinder head with proper oil flow , pressure, and fluid temperature. Other major components in the system are the motor, drives, feedback sensors, data acquisition jardware and control software. Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS) is our powerful control and data acquisition system that provides users with a flexible front end to control every aspect of a test system. The graphical user interface of REPS runs on a Windows PC, while the main processing is performed on a National Instruments (NI) real-time (RT) PXI controller.