Street Durability Test Bench

In Dec of 2014, RE China finished a three-month street durability test for our customer on the T-rig, with a 262KW dynamometer on the right output, 262KW dynamometer on the left output, and 314KW High speed EAC dynamometer on the input. The cell was set up, one accelerometer was put near the pinion flange to catch the early failure and a T/C was installed on the axle oil draining/filling hole to measure the oil temperature of the axle. 

During the test, it was required to go up to 6500rpm in the pinion, run twelve (12) different profiles in a specified sequence and repeat more than seventy (70) times for the whole test.

In this test, customer provided off vehicle data that was collected when an instrumented vehicle was run through various road tests. The data was loaded, profiles edited, and a control mode and profile sequence was setup in REPS that would allow collected data to become set points for the dynamometers and also run in a specified sequence automatically.  Then The Axle Street Durability Test System was then run with these set points and a plot was generated that compared the feedbacks from the Axle test system with the data collected from the vehicle. PID was tuned to get the feedbacks to over lay on the data collected. 

For the tests that last for a very long time, a clear log of each action and a periodic inspection on the testing equipment are very important to make the test traceable and run smoothly. 

Another street durability test for a axle of different ratio was booked followed the completion of this one, another three months, we are ready to go.