Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS) Update

Our data acquisition system REPS (Revolutionary Engineering Pro System)  LabVIEW Plug-In,  allows users with basic LabVIEW programming skills to create their own LabVIEW program and integrate it into REPS. Suggested applications include customized screens or even instrument drivers. This feature gives users the power and freedom of an entire programming language to create the application they need in LabVIEW. Users then tie it into REPS using two small sets of code, also known as “VIs”, that RE provides.

Users can read any channel in REPS from their remote application. Users can also write to any writeable channel in REPS from their remote application and even start/stop automated test profiles. A sample custom screen is shown below. This screen was programmed in LabVIEW. Using the REPS LabVIEW Plug-In VIs, data values were extracted from the REPS system and displayed on the custom screen.