Flexible Test Stand

Our customer required a test cell that can be used to test a wide variety of powertrain components ranging from axles to power transfer units. RE provided a flexible 3 motor setup to meet the requirements. Each motor is on an adjustable base, which allows for precise adjustment of centerline height and position while providing rigid support. A spindle provides protection for expensive torque sensors in the event of test part failure. RE installed motor drives, feedback sensors, data acquisition hardware and control software. Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS) is a powerful control and data acquisition system that provides users with a flexible front end to control every aspect of a test cell. The graphical user interface of REPS runs on a Windows PC, while the main processing is performed on a National Instruments (NI) real-time (RT) PXI controller. This system allows for quick and simple test part changes that would otherwise require much more hardware and setup time.