February 9, 2009 - Revolutionary Engineering, Inc. Awarded Dynamometer System Build in China

Revolutionary Engineering has been awarded their first job for delivery to China. The 1.03 Million USD contract will consist of three (3) complete dynamometer test systems used to measure non-firing engine characteristics. These systems will simulate a wide range of engine operating parameters including engine oil and coolant temperature (to 140C). In addition, each test cell will have the ability to simulate individual cylinder combustion torque pulsations up to the maximum (dynamometer) rotational speed of 10,000 RPM.

The first system is designed to measure internal combustion engine component friction characteristics. The second system is designed to map coolant flows within internal combustion engines and the ancillary vehicle coolant passages (heater, radiator, expansion tank, etc.). The final system is used to evaluate valvetrain performance dynamics. Extreme accuracy and resolution are key features of the RE dynamometer systems. In order to capture the dynamic data generated by these dynamometer systems, RE will use their Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS) for data acquisition and control. REPS is a real time system and utilizes the latest in Field Programmable Gate Array technology. With over 4,000 channels and the ability to capture high speed data, the REPS system satisfies the control and data acquisition requirements of the most demanding tests.

RE has committed to a very aggressive time line for this project; these systems will be completed and delivered to China by mid-summer. This project marks a milestone for RE; “We have been
working very hard to expand our products and services outside of the North American marketplace, and this project will highlight some of our company’s strongest attributes: flexibility, delivery, and capability.” commented Michael Czubaj, Sales Manager for Revolutionary Engineering.