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Valvetrain Measurement System

This system is designed to measure engine valve displacement, acceleration, and velocity via a reference laser and measurement laser. With the cylinder head riser design the measurement and reference lasers can be easily installed on the test stand and pointed directly at the engine valves for accurate measurements. This system is also designed to measure the cam shaft twist via high pulse per revolution encoders installed on a rigid shaft and coupling system. The tri-axis adjustable base allows for a multitude of different cylinder heads to be installed on the test stand with various horizontal offsets and centerlines. The adjustable...

Multi-Axis Spin Stand

This integrated System was recently built for a customer and allows them to spin a wide variety of axles while varying the angle in both pitch (pinion angle) and roll (wheel to wheel angle).  It allows for simulation of lubrication flow under acceleration/deceleration and turning and is frequently combined with varying the oil temperature.  A high speed camera system is utilized to view video and capture pictures of lubricant flow.


Flexible Test Stand

Our customer required a test cell that can be used to test a wide variety of powertrain components ranging from axles to power transfer units. RE provided a flexible 3 motor setup to meet the requirements. Each motor is on an adjustable base, which allows for precise adjustment of centerline height and position while providing rigid support. A spindle provides protection for expensive torque sensors in the event of test part failure. RE installed motor drives, feedback sensors, data acquisition hardware and control software. Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS) is a powerful control and data acquisition system that provides users...

Hydraulic Rotary Actuator

This Hydraulic Rotary Actuator is on it's way to one of our customer after we built the spindel and installed a new torque meter and a version of our REPS (Revolutionary Engineering Pro System). Our customer is going to use this machine to test clutch and torque.

ICE Cranking Torque Measurement Engine Test

Utilizing a spin-stand type dynamometer to control speed on an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), in order to determine the cranking torque at various RPMs. This test is currently running on our Cell 7.

High-Altitude Engine Emissions Testing

This customer is a complete high-altitude vehicle and engine emission testing laboratory serving automotive manufacturers, automotive suppliers, petrochemical companies, and the research community since 1979. The challenge was to improve the versatility and expand the abilities of four engine emissions test cells at the facility. The requirements for upgrading were focused towards being able to automatically crank the engine, coordinate with a multitude of instrumentation devices, and the ability to interface with numerous third-party software including ETAS INCA and Vector CANape in order to accomplish engine calibration.


NVH Brake Testing on a Chassis Dynamometer

Aside from fuel economy and drive quality, sound quality (which consists of noise and vibration) is also an important aspect of vehicle marketing. Sound quality has impact on customers’ perception of the vehicle’s comfort and safety. The study and modification of noise and vibration characteristics of vehicles is called NVH (Noise, vibration, and harshness) also known as N&V (noise and vibration). In automobiles, brake noise is one of the most important issues because it may signify a faulty safety part.

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Hybrid Vehicle Power Electronics Carrier (PEC) Charger System

Hybrid systems are designed to provide fuel savings during acceleration and braking.  Upon initial acceleration, the electric motor uses the power stored in the battery to assist the move of the vehicle.  When the vehicle comes to a stop, the electric motor helps slow the vehicle and simultaneously charges the battery.  This process reduces wear on the brakes.

Read more in the white paper about the RE Hybrid Vehicle Power Electronics Carrier (PEC)...

Revolutionary News: September 2010 Newsletter

In this Issue  Cell 5 Completion REPS Version 5.0 Release Black Hawk Spindles Cell 5 completion

Revolutionary Engineering has completed the commissioning of cell 5 at its Livonia, MI facility. The new test cell incorporates three (3) 1,100 Amp UNICO Pulse Width Modulated Inverters to power two (2) 571 HP dynamometer and one (1) 1,100 HP dynamometer...

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February 9, 2009 - Revolutionary Engineering, Inc. Awarded Dynamometer System Build in China

Revolutionary Engineering has been awarded their first job for delivery to China. The 1.03 Million USD contract will consist of three (3) complete dynamometer test systems used to measure non-firing engine characteristics. These systems will simulate a wide range of engine operating parameters including engine oil and coolant temperature (to 140C). In addition, each test cell will have the ability to simulate individual cylinder combustion torque pulsations up to the maximum (dynamometer) rotational speed of 10,000 RPM.

The first system is designed to measure internal combustion engine component friction characteristics. The...