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Revolutionary Engineering Joins Millbrook

We are pleased to announce that on 3rd April Revolutionary Engineering was acquired by Millbrook.

Millbrook is a leading provider of vehicle test and validation services to customers in the automotive, transport, tyre, petrochemical, defense and security industries. Headquartered at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK, it is part of the Test and Measurement business segment of Spectris plc, listed in the UK.

Allen White will continue to lead Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering, backed by the wider Millbrook management team. Customers can have confidence that Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering will benefit from access to...

New sales and service office in Bremen, Germany

As part of Revolutionary Engineering, Inc.’s commitment to servicing our customers, we are pleased to announce the establishment of our sales and service office in Bremen, Germany.  Revolutionary Engineering GmbH will service our existing customers throughout Europe and support the sales of new systems to our ever expanding customer base.  As with both our China and US offices, customer service is the top priority of this new office.  We look forward to providing testing solutions to your company.  

Contact our Bremen office: 

Revolutionary Engineering GmbH 


RE - HABS Hockey

The RE-Habs RE hockey team continues to produce excitement for employees and friends.  Interest in joining the team has grown so much that RE now sponsors two adult hockey teams, one at a beginner level and the other at an intermediate level.  The spring season has just kicked off at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube where you can find the RE-Habs on the ice Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

15th Anniversary

April 2016 marks Revolutionary Engineering, Inc.'s 15th year in business.  We are proud of this accomplishment and the partnerships we have cultivated over the years. We would like to thank our customers, suppliers and especially our employee's for making this possible.  RE will strive to continue its dedication to customer service that has been our trademark since our 1st day of operations.    

Street Durability Test Bench

In Dec of 2014, RE China finished a three-month street durability test for our customer on the T-rig, with a 262KW dynamometer on the right output, 262KW dynamometer on the left output, and 314KW High speed EAC dynamometer on the input. The cell was set up, one accelerometer was put near the pinion flange to catch the early failure and a T/C was installed on the axle oil draining/filling hole to measure the oil temperature of the axle. 

During the test, it was required to go up to 6500rpm in the pinion, run twelve (12) different profiles in a specified sequence and repeat more than seventy (70) times for the whole test.


Driving Axle Gear Fatigue Test System

This system was integrated to test the fatigue life of the gears of the driving axle assembly and was delivered to the customer successfully in November 2014. It allows the customer a direct interface during the test to monitor an entire array of testing characteristics via user-customizable screens. Data is collected on the REPS Real Time system and downloaded into either ASCII format or Excel format that is easily convertible to any other format the customer chooses. The RE Drive Axle Gear Fatigue Test System also features the ability to set sensor limits to detect early failure. These limits can be changed during the testing or when...

Hydraulic Test System

RE provided our customer a test table that allows for a wide variety of test articles and fixtures. This system is used to test clutches and valves by utilizes a hydraulic supply system. REPS is used on this system for commonality between systems and to provide the customer with the most flexibility to setup of different tests.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

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Double Shaft Engine Dynamometer

Integrated for SGS Environmental Testing Corporation, this system allows our customer to change out articles easily between testing.

Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS) Update

Our data acquisition system REPS (Revolutionary Engineering Pro System)  LabVIEW Plug-In,  allows users with basic LabVIEW programming skills to create their own LabVIEW program and integrate it into REPS. Suggested applications include customized screens or even instrument drivers. This feature gives users the power and freedom of an entire programming language to create the application they need in LabVIEW. Users then tie it into REPS using two small sets of code, also known as “VIs”, that RE provides.

Users can read any channel in REPS from their remote application. Users can...