Hybrid / Electric Motors

Revolutionary Engineering is committed to keeping pace with advances in vehicle technology to support the testing needs of the inventive clients we serve – both in automotive and alternative energy. Our AC dynamometers, combined with our inverters and battery simulators, enable us to perform a variety of hybrid and electric vehicle tests efficiently and with fast turnaround.

Testing Capabilities include:

0–17,000 RPM Road load simulation
Power analyzer n 0–30,000 LB FT TOT Full torque at zero speed
Frequency, analog, and digital acquisition control Durability testing
 0-750 VDC, 0-800 ADC battery simulation  Transient torque and speed response
Temperature and encoder feedbacks  

Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS)

The Revolutionary engineering Pro System (REPS) offers the customer complete cell control, and high-speed, accurate data acquisition in one product. The customer has the option of adding on multiple controlled devices and acquisition systems. REPS can support the following communications protocols: CAN, Analog and Digital, ProfiBUS, Ethernet, Fiber Optic, GPIB, and others.