At Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering, our first-rate engineers are driven to generate innovative and intelligent design solutions. In addition, we deliver exemplary fabrication and engineering support services. Our engineers stay abreast of the fast-paced technological developments in the testing industry as well as changes and trends in the industries we serve. Operating as an extension to client project teams, our engineers are fully engaged, beginning with the design and requirements phase, all the way through installation and training.

The following outlines our services within the specialties of mechanical, electrical, and multi-disciplinary engineering:



Mechanical engineering:

Shaft design and fabrication Coupling design and fabrication
Guarding design and fabrication Structural analysis (existing systems)
High-speed spindle and drive train design Fixturing design and fabrication

Electrical and controls engineering:

Motor and power conversion system design Primary service design and layouts (for utility service provider approval)
Control and data acquisition design LabVIEW programming
Component sizing and specification  

Multidisciplinary engineering:

System specifications development Process analysis Error studies
Auxiliary systems design and specification Contract engineering Facility analysis
Engineered system packages