Engine Test System

Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering Engine Test Systems are built with a combination of engineering fundamentals, proven design concepts, and modern technology.  Our systems are extremely versatile, which enables our customers to conduct a broad range of diesel or gas engine testing at their facilities.  Millbrook Revolutionary Engineering Engine Test Systems are designed for durability, maximum performance, and safety. 


Customers use our engine test systems to perform steady-state, high torque and speed, and highly transient engine testing. Our engine test systems accomplish a multitude of other client testing needs as well, including:

Emissions Federal Test Procedure (FTP) cycle
Engine mapping Non-road transient cycle (NRTC)

Revolutionary Engineering Pro System

Our engine test systems are combined with our powerful data acquisition and control software package, Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS).  The following REPS features can be applied during engine and engine component testing to produce outstanding results:

Drivers for third-party smoke meters and soot sensors Integrated system for collecting data from multiple devices and interfaces
CAN communication Bumpless control and feed-forward PID configuration
Automated parameter sweeps for optimizing calibration tables Safe operation mode (engine idle)
Automatic engine cranking Configurable control modes

ASAP3 interface

Importing a2l files Reading and writing to multiple ECUs Map manipulation