Control & Data Acquisition

Revolutionary Engineering Pro System

At the core of our operation is our control and data acquisition system for comprehensive dynamometer testing — Revolutionary Engineering Pro System (REPS). The flexible and intuitive REPS front-end design provides you with complete control over every aspect of the test cell.

The REPS system operates on an advanced software platform with a LabVIEW real-time operating system and a quad core, PXI controller. REPS has a channel-based configurable graphical interface allowing for easy test set up and variations. All I/O communication is performed via a dedicated EtherCAT-based network, which significantly reduces wiring and installation costs as well as signal-noise issues.


Fully configurable control modes Powerful test profiler featuring subroutines and nested loops
Playback for importing and replaying field-measured data Advanced control features such as PID gain scheduling and feed-forward design
Controlled shutdown with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Authentication for managing users and access rights
Web-based and VNC-based remote access Master Setup links individual setup files for convenient saving and loading
Configurable displays, buttons and indicators  


Built-in channel calibration utility Configurable low-pass filter channels
Constant or variable alarm limits  

Virtual Channels

Waveform Ramp Integration
Differentiation Formula Trigger


Multiple data report formats (TDMS, Text, MS Excel) Real-time data logging Post-mortem logging

EtherCAT Network

Deterministic data acquisition at a rate of 1000 Hz Daisy chaining for multiple EtherCAT chassis

Optional Features

Chassis dynamometer controls CAN communication ASAP3 communication
Smoke Meter driver Micro Soot Sensor driver Digital Power Meter driver (WT1600 and WT3000)