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Automotive Testing Expo 2017 Novi, Michigan

Visit us at the Automotive Testing Expo 2017 at booth number 7024 

Revolutionary Engineering has been innovating and partnering with testing clients to deliver dynamometer-based testing solutions for nearly a decade. As a systems integrator, Revolutionary Engineering designs, builds, installs, and services dynamometer testing systems. In addition, Revolutionary Engineering offers testing services and expertise to meet the most rigorous client testing needs. We use our state-of-the-art facility to test client components from individual parts to full drive-line systems. And we accomplish all this by employing the best engineers, technical specialists, and project managers in the business.

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Revolutionary Engineering (RE) has a long-standing and proven reputation for timely maintenance, quality service, and unparal­leled diagnostic troubleshooting within the testing industry. Our engineers and technicians have broad cross-over aptitude and experience with dynamometer systems and control packages—both RE systems and competitor systems. This enables them to proficiently manage a multitude of client needs.

RE helps clients achieve optimal system performance by delivering...

Revolutionary Engineering (RE) Axle Test Systems provide our customers with a streamlined method for testing their axles using a single versatile test system. This system incorporates the latest technological advancements in sensor, control, and power electronics while relying on an experienced design. Our test systems come with AC input and output dynamometers that move axially to accommodate a variety of axle sizes. This allows the same drive shafts to be used for multiple axle designs....

The Challenge

Our customer requires a Power Electronics Carrier (PEC) battery charger unit. A PEC is part of a vehicle hybrid system. A Hybrid vehicle is engineered to be more fuel efficient than a conventional combustion vehicle. Hybrid systems are designed to provide fuel savings during acceleration and braking. Upon initial acceleration, the electric motor uses the power stored in the battery to assist the move of the vehicle. When the vehicle comes to a stop, the electric motor helps...